Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Romantic Conversation Starters Uncovered

Whether on first approaching a girl, going on a first or fourth date, or even in a relationship, many men feel challenged by finding romantic conversation starters. There seems to be a lack of understanding as what would be appropriate and what is actually considered romantic to a girl. You will be surprised how many times men have gotten it wrong and have scared off potential dates and dates because they didn't know what the right things to say were, in fact they kept on saying the wrong things. Let us shed some light on this issue.

I believe many men have gotten it wrong, because they do not distinguish between the different stages of a relationship and how each stage normally requires a different approach in order to be considered romantic. For example, when you first approach a potential mate for the first time, she most likely wouldn't consider it be romantic if you call her beautiful or comment on her physical features, as admiring as they may be. This will give her the automatic impression that you are like most of the guys out there and are only interested in her looks , you want to use her and that you don't have any depth. I would hold off from using such a line until much later in your interactions with her. Also this is a typical line she is used to hearing and it will cause her to automatically put a defensive shield on and reject your advances. A beautiful women has to do this, otherwise she will have to speak to hundreds of men every day. So you have to make sure you are different in your approach. Romantic conversation starters to have with a girl when you first meet her, would be to talk about commonalties and things you know she is passion about. Find out what her hot buttons are what excites her and talk about those topics. Then you can compliment her on her interesting hobby, her passion, her drive, something related to her personality and who she is. Now that would be romantic. It is easy to find out what interests her, just ask her.

Now as you get to more advanced stages when interacting with her, such as going on dates, that is when it would be considered romantic to comment on her looks, tell her she looks great. All women like to receive compliments and be told they are beautiful. They just want them to be told at the right time and they want you to be genuine when you say it. This is something you should say after you get to know her and have already complimented her on her inner beauty.

So the best romantic conversation starters are the ones that take into account the circumstances you are in. When you are having a conversation with her, especially in the early days of your relationship, you should be focusing on her. You should be conversing about her passions and let her feelings come out. Also try to build commonalities, there is nothing more romantic then having a "we" attitude to the world. Try to start using the word we when you converse with her. You will be surprised how powerful this word is and the impact it will have on your potential mate, it will affect her on a subconscious level.

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